What We DO

At Master International, we develop, deliver, implement and support a complete range of online tools for talent acquisition. We drive performance management across professional, geographical and cultural borders. Our name is synonymous with best practice testing. With unique performance analytics. With unparalleled ease of implementation/use – and with HR advisory including support.

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A complete suite of professional online HR test tools, unique performance analytics and HR advisory/support that make you the expert.


See the full range of HR assessment solution and the Metis assessment and analysis platform for data-driven HR


MPA and ACE from Master will help you make selection choices that strengthen your organization long-term.

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The Next Generation of HR Assessment tools, analytics and advisory

At Master International, we strive to create quality and equality. By giving both people and companies a chance to grow and perform – and produce measurable results. We Value People.

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Selecting the wrong person for a job is one of the most costly mistakes an organization can make. Master’ solutions will help you make selection choices that strengthen your organization long-term.

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People’s behavior, their motivation, and the ways in which they interact with other people in the organization are crucial parameters for success. Learn how to uncover potential and identify what motivates, to get the most out of every appraisal conversation.

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Too much company time and money are spent on training that appears irrelevant and unmatched to your participants’ needs. We help you to find each participant where they stand and start from there

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Are your development activities relevant to your actual business concerns? How can you get operational input for development sessions and reach your target performance levels?

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